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Off to see Carhenge

Off to see Carhenge

Carhenge at sunset nebraska

Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska

Big wonderful USA. We love travelling in America and its way of life. The vastness, the variety, the culture and some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. But we all know that the USA also offers some of the craziest things known to man.

Now, the USA is big, very big. And this is why America is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to road trips. America offers long stretches of road with highways spanning 6 lanes in either direction; you will find the famous motels that are cheap but sufficient to get a good nights sleep without breaking the bank and of course there are loads of roadside attractions to be seen.

We all know, or should know Stonehenge in England (near Salisbury in the south). Well, the USA offers a similar attraction, not just by name but with the actual attraction: CARHENGE. If you ever find yourself in Alliance, Nebraska then this is an attraction you won’t want to miss. As the name suggests this attraction is an almost identical replica of Stonehenge, except – you guessed it – it’s made with cars instead of rocks.

carhenge, Nebraska

Carhenge vs. Stonehenge

Jim Reinders, an experimental artist who is known to use strange media, was so fascinated with the beauty of Stonehenge that he felt he had to recreate this attraction! Of course he couldn’t just replicate an existing attraction, so he decided to Americanize “Stonehenge“. Shortly after his father’s death in 1982, Reinders got the idea to build Carhenge in memory of his father. Five years later and with 38 used American classic cars, which he sprinkled in gray, he built “Carhenge”. Instead of the rocks as in the original he used these modified cars and positioned them in the exact position of the rocks that make up Stonehenge. Among the vehicles are a handful of cars, a pick-up truck, an ambulance and even a 1962 Cadillac.

Carhenge Details

Carhenge Details

In the subsequent months, the Carhenge project was hanging on a thread. The residents of Alliance, Nebraska felt disturbed by Carhenge and the city council commissioned the demolition. Gradually the residents learned to accept Carhenge and now even love it.  Now there is a group that fights for the preservation of Carhenge called “friends of Carhenge, who no own and operate this attraction.

Have you ever been to the USA to visit Carhenge? Does it feel just as mysterious as the original Stonehenge? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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