New Passport application at Austrian Embassy, London

We booked our holiday with Expedia. It all started online… we got a really good price for 3 Adults and 1 infant. And it was a direct flight with Virgin as Jon had insisted! He was even more so excited after learning the aircraft we would be flying in was a 747-400.

Somewhere during the booking process, the website asks you to fill in your passport details. Ooops. I just remembered my passport had expired in December 2013.  So I called Expedia just to find out if I indeed needed my passport number to complete the booking. The lady I spoke to didn’t answer my question straight away but rambled on about how she can finish the booking and get a good price for me and what not! So after about 10mins she informed me that I didn’t need my passport number to complete the booking, but I will need it to check in and at the airport…. duh moment!!! Continue reading

3 Food Factories That You Can Visit In Italy

Bologna, the food capital of Italy has a very special way of welcoming visitors. The locals allow them to see how they make their most signature, gourmet food items: Parma ham, parmesan cheese and traditional balsamic vinegar.

They do this in the form of tours that you can join any time. The food tours also allow you to pay for a lunch where you get to enjoy these Italian delicacies. These tours, as you can imagine, are organized by tour firms in the region. Let’s look at the gourmet items one by one. Continue reading

Guest Post: Northern Lights – Nature’s Most Spectacular Light Show

Have you ever witnessed the Northern Lights? If not, it’s likely to be an experience you’ll never forget. Curtains of green, red and purple lights ripple across the night sky, as if nature were putting on a special light show just for us.

It’s no wonder that in ancient times people thought the Northern Lights signified something ominous. They certainly are out of the ordinary and could seem menacing or foreboding to the uninitiated.

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