Guest post: Self-Catering Holiday in France

Self-catering is an increasingly popular form of holiday. It involves two winning elements which can help explains its popularity. Starting with the price, it offers affordable accommodations in particular when large parties of five plus individuals are concerned and the level of accommodation is often luxuries and will certainly exceed most three and four star hotels.

Self-catering as the name suggests is a type of holiday in which you are expected to fend for yourself so for the duration of your stay, the property becomes your holiday home. Increasingly popular destination is France and in particular, south of the country. Here are some of the reasons why.

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Embarrassing Blunders to avoid in Paris

Every country has their own qualities and habits. As tourists or visitors we should try to adjust to their culture and appreciate the fact they are different to the ones we are used to in our own country. We shouldn’t be so ignorant and uncouth and expect the locals to adjust to us  – the tourist – but rather we should try to fit in with the locals. Otherwise you might as well holiday in your own country.

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360 Degree Paris in 26 Gigapixels


Just a few more weeks till Jon and I fly to Paris. It will be our first trip to Paris together and in preparation I have been researching stuff to do. I came across this awesome 360 degree picture of Paris using 26 Gigapixels. Its grand and very addictive and lets you zoom in to actually see the ongoings in the streets. Have a look for yourself!

Sightseeing in Paris


A visit to Paris can be extremely exciting and daunting. This romantic city offers so much, that it can be quite a task to figure out where to start and which attractions you shouldn’t miss. Here I’ve listed some Parisian attractios that may be typical touristy hotspots, but well worth a visit in any case.

eiffel tower

Eiffel Tower in Paris ©mK B. (flickr)

Of course the first attraction on your list has to be the world famous Eiffel Tower. It is regarded as the Landmark of Paris. The Eiffel Tower stands at a hight of 300m and offers an incredible Panorama view over the entire city. During peak times and obviously during peak season, you will be confronted with long queues. But have patience, as the wait is well worth it, especially if you have not been to the Eiffel Tower before.

Next on the List of attractions should be the Notre Dame Cathedral. The Notre Dame may have been the first ever cathedral in Paris und so laid the path for Paris to become the capital city of France. The cathedral is kept in excellent Gothic architecture with large rosettes, stained glass and decorated with innovative sculptures.

No visit to Paris is complete without a visit to the beautiful Louvre Museum. The Louvre was used as a fortress in the Middle Ages. At the moment, this museum houses the world famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci – the “Mona Lisa” and of course many other magnificent works of art and antiques from all over the world. It will take up at least 2 days if not more, to thoroughly visit the Louvre so it’s well worth to decide which works of art you want to see before getting to the Louvre.

There is a shopping street in most big cities and Paris is no different. For all shopaholics out there, head over to the Champs-Élysees, THE shopping mile par excellence. You will find endless amounts of famous boutiques and shops.

Don’t forget to also visit selected parks around the city. the Tuileries Gardens, a wonderful park in the heart of Paris is a park definitely worth a visit. After a long day full of shopping and sightseeing, this park is truly perfect to simply relax and recover from the day. You will find quaint little coffee shops along the park where you can sit outside and enjoy the fountains and skulptures of the park.

Undoubtedly there are way more attractions in Paris, like the Arc de triumph or the beautiful church Sacre Coeur that lies in the Art district of Montmatre.

With thorough planning ahead, depending on how much time you have available, you can create a perfect getaway,
even if its just for a long weekend.

Bonjour à Paris!