1950’s Street Photography of NYC and Chicago

I absolutely love the 1920’s through to the 1950’s of American Culture. Sometimes wishing I could travel back in time just so I could experience it.

I love the 1920’s for it’s elegance and craziness. The 1920’s, also know as the “Roaring twenties” or “jazz age”, was a period of sustained economic prosperity. After the recovery from wartime devastation, there was a boom in construction and mass production, and society acculturated into consumerism.  Jazz music blossomed, the flapper redefined modern womanhood, and Art Deco peaked. Continue reading

Our Hotel in Midtown Manhattan

Like any well seasoned traveller would do, we searched for hotels in all possible corners of the web. We used Trivago, Expedia, Kayak, Laterooms, etc … you name it, we used it. Every so often I would find a really good hotel for a cheap price and think we should book this, but then leave it till the evening to find out it has been fully booked.

On two occasions I found a 4* hotel near Times Square on offer, but neglected to book it there and then, resulting in me missing out. We were running out of time and we had to book a hotel, when I came across the Pod hotel. It was pricey, yes, but the location of it alone was probably worth it.

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New York City: Our BabyMoon to the USA

After discovering we are expecting our first baby together we decided we needed a last holiday before the new arrival. We also hadn’t been on a holiday for quite some time and figured this is our last chance for a couples holiday! I had been to New York on two occasions before and quite agreed this city to be one of the greatest in the world and since Jon hadn’t been before I wanted to show him what he had been missing out on.

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