Best cupcakes in New York City

It’s no secret – I am a big fan of cupcakes and never to full to indulge in one. I am yet to find the best recipe for the basic vanilla cupcake but I love trying them out, so don’t really mind! Besides, with so many flavors available why stick with Vanilla?!

My cupcake obsession – if this is what you want to call it – goes so far, that I love to watch “cupcake wars” on the food network. And it was during an episode of that show that I decided, I would try out as many cupcakes (from different stores of course) as possible while I’m in NYC. Although I have been to New York twice before, I’ve never actually had any cupcakes while there! I did however live off Auntie Anne’s Pretzels – yumm yumm!

Below, I’ve listed cupcake shops that have been on other lists and blogs before. As I don’t know any shops myself yet I will start with the ones listed and give my verdict on my return! The only shop that I have heard of is “Sprinkles Cupcakes”, as one of the judges on “cupcake wars” is the owner! Cant wait to get tasting!!!

If you’ve been to any of these New York City bakeries or even one that isn’t listed her, let us know what you thought in the comments!

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