Guest Post: Great Goan Getaways

The lure of exploring an exotic new place is a pull that most people find irresistible but sadly many can’t afford to consider. In today’s financial climate, spare spending pennies seem to be more and more precious and the thought of that frivolous jaunt away for a week or two is banished as quickly as it arrives.

However if your vacation preferences do tend to err more to the exotic and your idea of heaven is to tramp through jungles by day watching elephants roam amid a mass of wild tropical fauna, then stroll along beautiful sandy beaches of an evening enjoying the last drops of sunshine, then cheap holidays to Goa could be right up your street.

There are plenty of tour operators which can piece together an excellent deal complete with flights, accommodation and local transport to and from the hotel. For instance, Thomas Cook package holidays have a huge range of holidays available and plenty of special discounts too, making things that little bit easier.

Goa is the smallest state in India and as a former Portuguese colony it’s a classic case of East meets West. The history is astounding, dating back to between twenty and thirty thousand years. There are still rock drawings to be found and many crumbling ruins mapping out its journey through time. Culturally it’s a fascinating place and with a friendly, laid back atmosphere, it is easy to take your time and slip into the Goan lifestyle.

The jungles throughout Goa are thick and rich with flora and wildlife, being compared to the Amazon for its rich biodiversity. Here you can see lions and tigers in special reserves and watch Elephants wander around in their home habitat. Look out for the giant sea eagle soaring above you and watch for monkeys that come to you to be fed by hand. If this sounds idyllic and your type of holiday then make your next trip abroad to Goa and discover a whole new world.

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