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Guest post: Rhodes a Classical Destination

Guest post: Rhodes a Classical Destination

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As one of the most influential centres of the ancient world, Rhodes has admirably held onto its status as one of the globe’s top destinations for culture and history. Mentioned numerous times throughout the works of Homer, its three most powerful cities – Lindos, Ialysos and Kameiros – offer its visitors layer upon layer of historical development. After the departure of the Greeks, Rhodes became one of the most important early sites of Christianity towards the end of the Roman rule and later became part of the Byzantine Empire.

After the Dark Ages, it fell under Genoese control and was transformed into an enormous maritime power, and was eventually conquered by the Ottomans in the fourteenth century. Relics and ruins of this rich cultural heritage can be found scattered all over the island, so be sure to take your walking shoes for a wonderful few days of historical exploration.

Rhodes is also a wonderful holiday destination for all lovers of seafood. Here you may sample some of the freshest and highest quality fish in the world, all cooked to perfection according to traditional Greek recipes. When visiting Rhodes City, be sure to take a break from the many cultural and historical museums to pay a visit to Mikes, located on a tiny backstreet near Socratous Street. Here you will experience simple seafood and salad dishes, alongside local wine, of a calibre that far outstrips the restaurant’s very reasonable prices. Vegetarians will love to try out Hatzikelis, also on Rhodes Island, for the heavenly stuffed aubergine.

As if all this wasn’t enough, when you’ve finished with the sights you can take a relaxing stroll along the beach and witness some of the most violently beautiful sunsets in Europe. Make the most of Rhodes’ delightful beachscapes by spending a day soaking up the sun in a quiet bay and let all your troubles seep away into the sand, for the ultimate relaxing experience.

Now is a great time to be thinking about a visit to Rhodes. The beaches are quiet and the major sites of historical interest are peaceful and truly atmospheric. Even Faliraki is looking unusually tranquil. For efficiency and frugality, hunt down offers on the internet a travel blog can be a great place to start your research. The World Wide Web is a pool of bargains and off-peak deals available for the winter – get your fix of summer sunshine in the spring month.


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