Guest post: Self-Catering Holiday in France

Self-catering is an increasingly popular form of holiday. It involves two winning elements which can help explains its popularity. Starting with the price, it offers affordable accommodations in particular when large parties of five plus individuals are concerned and the level of accommodation is often luxuries and will certainly exceed most three and four star hotels.

Self-catering as the name suggests is a type of holiday in which you are expected to fend for yourself so for the duration of your stay, the property becomes your holiday home. Increasingly popular destination is France and in particular, south of the country. Here are some of the reasons why.

  • Proximity – France is close enough to travel by a number of means. You can travel by car, train, sea and air. For those who prefer to focus on the actual holiday rather than commuting, its proximity to the UK is appealing.
  •  Relaxed documentation – Because both the UK and France are members of the EU, as a British passport holder you only require a valid passport when crossing the border. No need for visas or other forms of legal travel documentation. It means that France is extremely suitable for last minute holiday.
  • Varied landscape – If you arrive at a destination where you are limited in landscape it might be a missed opportunity. France offers a wide array of landscape from hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches to mountains and vineyards in between. It makes exploring not only possible, but also highly desirable.

If you are considering self-catering in France as your form of villa holiday accommodation, here are a number of tips designed to ensure you get the best for your hard warned cash.

  •  Arrange suitable transportation – This type of holiday also means that you are expected to find your own way to the property. You should prearrange suitable arrangements as public transport to some rural locations might be few and far between. In any case public transport for large parties is less than ideal.  You should actively consider car hire. It will allow you to arrive at your accommodation quickly as well as a suitable mean to explore the area.
  • Protect your booking –There are a few means to secure your booking financially in case the provider has encountered money difficulties. If booking commercially from holiday villas provider look for one that is ATOL and ABTA protected. It is more tricky when booking privately, however not totally impossible. First negotiate the lower deposit you can and try to pay by credit card (some property owners are in fact small businesses for tax reasons) as credit card companies often offer a basic level of protection.
  • Most important tip of all… – Bring at least one plug adaptor. Your computer, music player, kids toys and entertainment media are useless if it has no power 😉

Although France is amazingly popular, another close by location also popular with British holidaymakers is Corsica. Located just off South Of France the region offers over 650 miles of picture perfect sandy beaches as well as mountains for those who like to explore by foot. If you can’t find your precise self-catering in France, consider self-catering Corsica as an alternative.

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