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So I set off to Vienna on Saturday Night. Being the 24th of December I figured there wouldn’t be much traffic … and right I was. My other half J brought me to Manchester Airport in 30 Minutes, which by any standard is pretty fast. For the first time in a while I was not worried about missing my flight (this has happened 3 times before and definitely deserves a separate post). I got to T1 in plenty of time, checked my 14,5 kg heavy suitcase, which baffles me, as I really did not pack that much. In fact I don’t really know what I packed and so far I have not needed anything out of it! At the Check-in Desk for Swiss we had a little chat with the ground staff … two very lovely people. The man, we reckon, checked us in last year when we came home for the holidays.

nivea conditionerWe were both sad. It was going to be our first Christmas apart in 6 or 7 years – who’s counting? Point is, it was the first and well, quite upsetting. We said our goodbyes and I made my way through security. Belt came off, Laptop came out of case and through the magic door. This time however, I was asked to open my bag and I thought to myself WTF? Well as it turns out, I left my hair conditioner in my rucksack. You see, I use this particular backpack for the gym and for reasons unknown to me, I had left my hair conditioner – of the Nivea brand – in the bottom. Sucks, but I had to leave it there!

It was the 24. December, Christmas Eve, the Airport was practically dead. I made my way to Gate 25 and sat there checking Facebook. Then we were called to board the plane I took my time but turns out I was the last to board the plane. Flight number LX 381 from Manchester to Zürich.

15 passengers tops

15 Passengers, if that. Excuse my head and the Quality of the pic!

I have to say, while I usually really enjoy Swiss air flights, this was by far the best flight. With only a handful of passengers – it couldn’t have been anymore than 15 tbh – it was pure bliss. One flight attendant in particular stood out for me on this flight: Hannah. For many reasons really. After completing her first round of service, she returned and asked us if we wanted another drink or another snack, as there were still many left. I kindly declined to have another sandwich but asked if it was possible to have some more chocolate … I’m no one to pass on some good Swiss chocolate. Whaddya know … she came back with a stack! Low and behold:

swiss air chocolate

my precious … chocolate courtesy of Hannah from swiss air

She also offered me a pillow. I assume its because I was awkwardly slouched in my seat trying to look out the window (why I dont know, as it was dark) and trying to sleep at the same time. It was very nice of her and definitely very refreshing experience.

We landed around 9:30pm European time and I made my way to the dayrooms at Zürich airport. I stayed in a dayroom for CHF40/night. It was very basic … but I really didn’t need more. A lounger, a locker and the possibility of using the loo and showers! Oh what luxury. I got a good nights rest for the early morning flight ahead of me.

I woke up at 5.50am (!) had a very long hot shower that actually did wake me up, brushed my teeth, put on my face (yes, we do say this) and was almost ready to face the world. I just needed some coffee. Coffee is expensive anywhere in the world but in Zurich you need to take out a mortgage. Seriously CHF 5,70 for a small coffee?? You must be mad. I skipped the coffee and made my way to the gate. I passed all the lovely expensive shops, as it be ridiculous to bother looking in those when I complain about a CHF5,70 coffee.

matching his and hers outfit

matching his and hers outfit, down to their footwear … i want to be sick, quick give me a bucket or their jackets

As it turns out, I don’t function without coffee…. I walked to the wrong Gate and wasted 15 precious minutes finding the right one. I finally made it, but, the flight was delayed. Nevermind. I sat down and observed the queue that was getting longer. It baffles me, why people queue to board a plane for 20+ minutes, when the plane won’t leave before the last person has boarded. It even waits for late passengers. It was amusing none the less to see how the queue got longer and winded its way through this section of the airport. Sorry guys no photos here 🙁

Moving on, we’re on the plane (seat 5f) and we go through the de-icer! yay:

de-icing swiss air

a quick shower for the wings with the de-icer

We take off 10mins delayed. As expected this flight wasn’t anywhere near as good as the first one, but it was fully booked and the flight attendants weren’t as great either. I fell asleep and so also missed out on my beloved Swiss chocolate fix. No other incidents to report on this flight, well except the view – absolutely stunning:

The Alps en route to Vienna

The Alps en route to Vienna. Stunning!

flying over the Alps

Flying over the Alps

We landed on time, despite the initial delay and I got my suitcase. Was greeted by my waiting parents, had a proper Viennese coffee before leaving to drive home and into bed for another few hours sleep. Ahhh bliss.


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