Legendary Monte-Carlo Glitz And Glamour

Hotel De Paris – Nothing becomes a legend like Monte-Carlo

An iconic hotel in an iconic principality right on Casino Square and decked out with finery and opulence that is synonymous with the glamour and glitz of this Belle Epoque palace, with its panoramic views over the Mediterranean.

Monte Carlo Racetrack

Monte Carlo Racetrack ©Damian Morys Photography(flickr)

Arrive by limo, helicopter or yacht and your welcome will be warm as it is impressive. On arrival each guest is issued with a Carte d’Or which gives access to some of the most privileged spots in Monte-Carlo – the Casino, a private beach and of course the legendary Thermes Marins complex with its healthcare and wellness programs, Hammam, sauna and fully equipped fitness centre, as well as the Monte-Carlo Country Club with its 23 tennis courts and golf club with heavily discounted green fees. This is the place to live like a king, play like a prince and be pampered like a princess.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo ©Damian Morys Photography(flickr)

It is a veritable temple of all that is luxe with great marble, halls, silken sofas, vast chandeliers, fresco walls and gold-leaf ceilings. The rooms are plump and luscious, so much so that aficionados return year after year for more spoiling. Dining is beyond delicious with four restaurants to choose from, including Alain Ducasse’s 3 Michelin star restaurant, Le Louis XV, and the hotel bar is rated one of the best in the world year after year. Witness and enjoy what a really grand hotel is like – the Hotel de Paris is the place to be.

Splashing, bathing, hosing, floating, pulsating

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo ©Rodrigo_Soldon (flickr)

For all the joys of water, head for the splendid Les Thermes Marins, one of the best Thalassotherapy spas on the planet where the minerals and salts of sea water, weeds and muds are harnessed to beautify you and your body.

Shaken and stirred in a destination that just oozes glamour. Just say you’re in Monte-Carlo and suddenly you are on a movie set that could not be more stunning. Guaranteed to sparkle and shine.

Bond…James Bond

If your man wants to walk with authority and style into Alain Ducasse’s Le Louis XV or into the Casino, he needs to look the part. Before you leave for Monaco go to Society Club in the Metropole, and get your man his Tom Ford spy kit and daytime linen. This is a destination where the jacket and tie are de rigueur and dressing up for men and women is a must.

Boogie nights

There is only one place in Monte-Carlo that has always been the place to strut your stuff on the dance floor and people-watch. Jimmy’z has been packing them in for 30 years and never fails to please. Have the concierge organise your booking in advance so you can glide in with recognition. Don’t sit near the dance floor. For other ideas on stuff to do, here are some ideas for downtown Monte-Carlo.

Monte Carlo Yacht

Monte Carlo Yacht ©Damian Morys Photography(flickr)

Air hel air

There are only two ways to arrive in Monte-Carlo, by helicopter or on a mega yacht. So unless you are cruising into town with Abramovich’s ship AKA yacht…you must travel by helicopter. Heli Air Monaco is the way to get from Nice Airport in about ten minutes. You’ll feel glamorous as soon as you are zooming down the coast above the ocean.

Le sportif

Can you only manage so much novel-reading by the pool and spa treatment before you get twitchy? Head on over to the Monte-Carlo Beach Club and try out some Sea Scooter outings, wake boarding, parachuting, fly fishing…and more. People don’t need the gym here: they get all the exercise they need walking with all their gold on.

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