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New Passport application at Austrian Embassy, London

New Passport application at Austrian Embassy, London

We booked our holiday with Expedia. It all started online… we got a really good price for 3 Adults and 1 infant. And it was a direct flight with Virgin as Jon had insisted! He was even more so excited after learning the aircraft we would be flying in was a 747-400.

Somewhere during the booking process, the website asks you to fill in your passport details. Ooops. I just remembered my passport had expired in December 2013.  So I called Expedia just to find out if I indeed needed my passport number to complete the booking. The lady I spoke to didn’t answer my question straight away but rambled on about how she can finish the booking and get a good price for me and what not! So after about 10mins she informed me that I didn’t need my passport number to complete the booking, but I will need it to check in and at the airport…. duh moment!!!

In the end I made the booking over the phone. I mean I was already on the phone to here for 20mins, might as well add another 1hour and half.

The next day I decided I will need to get my passport renewed sooner rather than later so booked a Virgin train to London. After doing a bit of a search on their bestfare finder page, I found a return ticket for £38.

I left on the 12. August after work – luckily for me the M56 was closed due to a fatal accident earlier that day. It took me a whole 2 hours to get to Chester train station. Jon met me at the train station to handover my bag and give me a chance to see Arya before I left for one night.

The Hotel I booked was literally the worst I had ever been at. This is no exaggeration …. see my review of the Holland Inn Hotel here.

I was quite convinced I had all the documents I needed – I even spent £7.50 on a “Special Delivery Guaranteed next day” envelope. Jon had taken a photo of me, adhereing to all the requirements.

I got to the Austrian Embassy before 9am and luckily was the first one there. I had the same woman serve me, who served me when I had applied for a passport for Arya the previous year. She was still a bitch. sorry.

I gave her my birth certificate and proof of citizenship, my old passport and my identity card. Immediately she asked “where are the originals?”. I said in Vienna with my parents. She looked at me and said “I shouldn’t be processing these until I get the originals!” I wasn’t sure what to say but I thought of a lot of nicknames for her. In the end she did put my application through and asked me if I wanted the embassy to send my passport to my home address. I said yes please (duh) and gave her the £7.50 envelope to which she said she didn’t need it because it will be sent straight from Vienna. Here I am thinking “last time I came she specifically asked me for one and also it’s on their website”. I left the embassy happy that there weren’t any major issues but out of pocket by £7.50.

I’m glad this is out of the way for the next 10 years.

Next year I will however have to return to renew Arya’s passport and apply for a brand spanking new one for our newborn!!! Oh the joys!

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