oh gosh, I haven’t written for a while…

I’m back

haven’t been on this blog for a while. November 24 was the last time I posted something and it wasn’t even something I wrote, but a guest post.

There has been a good reason for the lack of updates …. or just a good excuse really. Returning to work after maternity was a bit demanding. And coming back home after a commute from Manchester, all I wanted to do is cuddle my darling.

Arya eating her biscuit

Arya eating her biscuit

Arya is now 14 months old and a little bit independent already, that I feel I can devote more time on my travel blog. In fact we are flying to Vienna in just under 3 weeks for our Easter break and I am now planning what to do with a toddler when I am there.

I’ll be posting about my findings later so keep an eye out for that.

I am committed to regularly updating my blog now, but from time to time I may include posts about other projects that are dear to me and may not be travel related at all!

Hope to see you all around!

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