Bizarre Landscapes: Moeraki Boulders in New Zealand

Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand

If you go down to Koekohe Beach on the Otago coast in New Zealand you will see hundreds of huge boulders scattered around the beach like giant dragon eggs that are ready to hatch – if they ever existed! Each boulder weighs several tonnes. What you see here at Moeraki are called Moeraki Boulders, 40km […]

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Flying Low-Cost airlines … still a bargain?

I really do love traveling, but have never been a fan of low-cost airlines… simply because I always had the impression that there would be no Service and everything you did expect from a flight was extra and quite expensive. I then discovered SkyEurope which was the only flight between Manchester and Vienna (well technically […]


Venice: bridges, canals and gondolas

Venice, Canal Grande, Italy

The Piazza San Marco, Rialtobridge and the Bridge of Sighs, black Gondolas, colourful carnival masks, Murano glass. No one who arrives in the city, sees these wonders for the first time. Too often has it been talked about and represented in film, music and photography, so that it has been incorporated in our collective consciousness. […]

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We love Vienna

staatsoper - State Operahouse, Vienna

Nestled in the hills, woods and fields, with the beautiful blue Danube flowing through it, lies the imperial city where once the Habsburg Emperors reigned. The castles and palaces of that period, like the imperial summer palace Schöbrunn, the Hofburg Palace or the Belvedere, have shaped the cityscape of Vienna as we see it today. […]

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Chicago: The Heart of the Midwest

Chicago Skyline

“The Windy City” as Chicago is also known is somehow always over looked among the popular big cities like New York City, Los Angeles or even Las Vegas. Nevertheless, Chicago is my Insider’s Travel Tip as it has its own charm and entices with many sights, an architectural pretty cityscape and a very lively city. […]

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