Planning a trip to Orlando with our 19 month old toddler in mind

Although  not exactly planned (at least not so soon), we are expecting sunshine number 2 at the end of January. We don’t know if it is going to be a boy or a girl yet , but we plan to find out at our next scan!

Just like we did before Arya was born, we are planning to go on a babymoon (with Arya in tow) before the next one arrives. Planning a trip to Orlando seemed like a great idea at first, but once booked I realised that I’ll be 30 weeks along and have a (then) 22 month old toddler to look after. This means, not only will I miss out on most of the thrill rides I was looking forward to but I will also be pretty much caring for her on my own. I don’t see Jon missing out too – after all he does have my brother as company!

After scouring the web for information I made a list of rides that are toddler friendly and hence (i’m assuming) pregnant woman friendly. Most of the toddler-friendly rides are located in Disney’s Magic Kingdom, where there is not only the rides too look forward to but also other fun stuff for kids to do!

These are obviously just a few, that I thought Arya and I would enjoy. Considering we are only in Orlando for about 7 days , reckon this is just about enough to do without getting her too tired, that she becomes a fidgety, whiny mess!!!

Then there is also Downtown Disney, where there is a plethora of toy stores to keep here little brain, hands and eyes occupied! check out:

  • The Legostore
  • Once upon a Toy
  • World of Disney

Being 30 weeks pregnant and on holiday does not mean I am going to miss out on fun stuff either, so I intend to make the most of the Water Parks available. Reading through various comments and recommendations  on the web, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are definitely on my todo list and the good thing is, Arya can enjoy them too – she loves the water!


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