Semmering Winter Fun Tobogganing

What a perfect day to go tobogganing.
Best fun day for a 3 & 5 year old, plus adults.
The drive only took us approx. 50 min from Donaustadt, Vienna – I couldn’t believe the mountains are so close to Vienna.
Address for Sat nav is : Zauberberg 1, 2680 Semmering

Once there and parked you can head straight for the lift up a small flight of steps and buy your lift passes and Toboggan (Sledging) Hire. Kids under 5 ride for free but remember not to punch them in through the gate as i did.

Entrance To Ski Lifts

Ticket Prices are Here: Ski Fun

There are plenty of cafe’s and restaurants in the vicinity but we chose to pack a few sandwiches.

We decided to just purchase 4 rides as our 3 year old only has certain capacity in her batteries.What a fun few hours.

The First ride up the lift is a little terrifying as i’m not used to the heights and had no idea of what to expect.

Ride Up 1

Ride Up 2

Ride Up 3

Once at the top you need to follow route 8 to the right.(Purple Run)

Loading a child onto the front of the toboggan and getting used to the steering and breaking with your feet was a little challenging but after the first run approx 10 mins down, you will feel quite confident to just let go.

After just a few hours it wasn’t too much effort to load the kids in the car and drive straight back to Vienna with a dinner shopping trip from Billa.

Link To Semmering Ski Resort Is Here


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