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The most annoying types of passengers!

The most annoying types of passengers!

I like to travel especially to far away places and during the holiday season even I feel like helping others around me and basically just spread holiday cheer and good will! But sometimes when your good gestures go ignored or sometimes even frowned upon, you just want to scream out loud and shoot everyone around you. Yes, it has happened to me on more than one occasion.
annoying passengers
Annoying passengers come in all shapes and sizes and, well , they strike out by being annoying. Families with out of control children, passengers with way to much carry-on luggage, passengers who might as well spend their time on the plane in the toilet, and so on…. Maybe its just in my head and these passengers aren’t really as bad as i make them out to be… but lets be honest: they exist and they will find you and annoy the eff out you!

  1. Passengers with a weak bladder

    Let’s start with the worst one of them all: Passengers who book a window seat, but need to use the toilet incessantly. Now, I’m not saying whoever books a window seat shouldn’t ever use the toilet, but more than 5 times within 1 hour is excessive. If you know you’re gonna be using the toilet this often because you know you have a weak bladder, be considerate and at the very least book yourself an aisle seat.Again, getting up to use the toilet is not the problem, per say, but if I’m sitting on an aisle seat and trying to have nap or trying to eat, I’m not exactly going to be happy when I get asked to let someone out.

    offer to swap seats, at least that why giving this person the evil eye is somewhat justified!

  2. Passengers with a laptop and sitting in an aisle seat

    You kind of know if you are going to be using a laptop inflight before you even board the plane. So in many cases your brain should tell you, to book a window seat. Even if you want an aisle seat you will at least assume the passengers on the window seat or even in the middle seat will be needing to use the lavatories at some point in time. So be prepared to get up and don’t give us attitude. This point does not necessarily contradict the above point, it’s in a why reversed!

    I tend to sit on the window seat just because I love landings and like to look out and see the city we are approaching. But I generally am courteous enough to get up when the laptop person gets up or if there is a middle seat, that passenger gets up to use the lavatories – so the laptop person doesn’t have to get up twice and hence gives me the evil eye.

    again offer to swap seats, because honestly, there is not much else you can do, but hope he spills his hot coffee on his laptop. Karma will get me soon

  3. Passengers who drink to much

    The plane is not a bar so limit your alcohol consumption. I get that some people get nervous before a flight and use alcohol as a means to calm their nerves … but stick to one or max 2 drinks, after all you are on a plane and not in a bar. There is no one who will respect you if you are going to be sick all over the place. You will just embarrass yourself with your behaviour. And you’ll stink. For every cup of alcohol (cup because it’s probably that cheap anyway) drink a cup of water… it’ll keep you hydrated, but nothing else really.

    try speaking to the person in question, unless she looks like she is about to be sick in your face, in that case run. Alternatively speak to a flight attendant and make them aware that you are concerned

  4. Seatkicker

    Imagine you are sitting on a long haul flight and all you want to do is relax, so the many hours you are cramped in a plane with dozens of other passengers, are half as bad. You lean back and are just about to drop off and Wham! A kick in the back of your seat. You turn around just to look into the face of a 5 year old grinning. You are the unlucky one having a seat in front of the child with the overindulgent Parent. This is going to be a very long flight indeed.

    Speak to the parent and tell them what a nuisance their child is. No, but seriously ask them to try to relax with a kid screaming and kicking the back of your seat. Alternatively, ask a flight attendant if you could be reseated. If the flight is fully booked ask them to speak to the parent. That alone should be embarrassing enough for the parent to keep their child in check.

  5. Passengers, who hog the armrest

    While the plane seats are getting smaller and the population is getting fatter, including me, it seems the armrest has remained the same. So its really annoying when you get seated next to someone who hogs the armrest. It’s worse when that elbow is relentlessly invading your personal space. The armrest hogger is completely oblivious to the ongoings.

    You want to scream and shout and really just push his arm off the armrest and say “stay the eff on your side of the seat, dammit”. But let’s be honest, at this point we are cowards and we will do absolutely nothing about it. Mainly because we do not want to seem petty about something so benign as an armrest.

    Absolutely nothing. Man up and simply make the best out of it. Making smells and acting crazy sometimes helps though!

  6. Passengers, who cant shut up

    There are many reasons why you might want a quite and peaceful flight. Maybe there is a book you’ve been meaning to read or just want to relax and switch off for a bit. If you are seated next to a passenger who wants to talk than prepare yourself to not do any of it. For the passenger who can’s shut up, it is irrelevant what you want … she will tell you her life story, whether you want to hear it or not.

    Giving hints, like opening your laptop, opening a book and even searching a particular page, sometimes doesn’t work either , but that depends how desperate this chatter is. On a short haul flight, you do not stand a chance and might as well prepare yourself for a long flight!

    At this point I’d tell the person straight to the face, that she is annoying me and that i want to read a book or get some shut eye. Afterall you didnt book the flight to be her therapist. And chances are, you won’t see this person ever again in your life. Unless you are just as lucky as me!!!

In general try to be as nice and charming as possible and always smile … it confuses people.

What type of passengers annoy you when you are travelling? And how do you deal with these types of passengers? Let us know in the comments!

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