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Tips for New York City Sightseeing

Tips for New York City Sightseeing

Every year millions of visitors visit New York City. It is a major metropolis and concrete jungle where dreams are made. And it is a city which welcomes tourists all year round. People come to New York for different reasons and to experience different things. Whether it’s your first time in the Big Apple and want to see “what it’s all about” or want to visit all the famous sights or maybe you just want go shopping on the infamous 5th Avenue and catch one of the many shows offered on Broadway. New York City will accommodate you, whatever your needs! These following sights will help you find out, what you want to discover and take away from it.

new york city view from the rockefeller

New York City, view from the Rockefeller

If you are the type of person who likes to stroll in museums then New York City is for you – it offers 150 Museums, which are all accessable to the public. However, to avoid queues and delays, it’s best to check with the respective museum in advance. On a rainy day you should go an visit the Rockefeller Center. It is an amazing place and impresses with its stunning architecture, right into the smallest detail. Regardless if you take your time to walk through the Rockefeller Center or not – the one thing you shouldnt miss is Top of the Rock, especially at night time. You should visit Top of the Rock with your partner, as you have the opportunity to dine at this height. The view from up here is incomparable and even natives will agree that this view beats the one from the Empire State Building. A New York  City pass costs around US$74 but despite the price you do get access to 6 New York City attractions. For example the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) and the Guggenheim Museum. THe New York City pass has a validity of 9 months, so technically plenty of time to take in all 6 attractions of your choice!

guggenheim Museum, New York City

Guggenheim Museum, New York City

If you are visiting New York City on the basis of shopping then the 5th Avenue is your GOTO place. Of course New York City offers a plethora of shopping possibities, so finding something you need or want really shouldn’t be a problem. For a bit of a bargain shopping, definitely visit the Designer Outlet Center in New Jersey! There are buses departing the New Jersey at the Grand Central Station. Want to see New York from a different angle or even from a different Borough? Take a trip on the Staten Island ferry, which is the cheaper option and also takes you really close to the Statue of Liberty.

lady liberty

lady liberty @CBP Photography (flickr)

It’s not that easy discovering NYC by foot. There are thousands of miles and many secret alleys. If you do want to try anyway remember to wear comfortable shoes. I once walked from battery Park all the way to the Empire State building, simply because i was unsure about hailing a cab. However, it was a nice walk, the weather was perfect and those donuts needed to get burnt off somehow!

Of course any visit to NYC is not complete without a visit to Central Park. The best way I found to see the Park was by hiring a bicycle or rollerskates and it is definitely a less boring way to visit this most visited Park in the world! Are you just planning on a simple City Tour? Book a classic NYC bustour. THey last around 3 hours and pretty much cover the main parts of the city. If you want to see New York at night, rembember there are also bus tours at night.

Whatever your agenda to visit New York City, the Big Apple will offer it to you. It’s not one of the most popular cities in the world for nothing!

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