Tour around the archipelago, Stockholm

As we were on our British Airways flight from London to Stockholm we got some really wonderful views of Sweden. One of them were the magnificent archipelago of Swedens many little islands. As it was the Easter weekend and a very untypical one at that – t’was sunny – I insisted we take a boats tour to see the archipelago.

While we were walking along the Strandvägen, aiming to see the funfair (which luckily was shut – i won !) , we came across a small ship/a big boat that was just returning from a cruise. Next to it a sign post saying “3 hour brunch cruises or dinner cruises”.  Back at our Hotel we used the non-existent high speed wireless connection and our phones to visit the website to check out the tours available and found one departing the following day (Sunday) at noon. It cost 230SEK per Adult with an optional brunch buffet at an additional cost. Having had breakfast at the hotel in the morning, we chose to skip the brunch buffet part. The total came to 460SEK, which personally I thought was reasonable.

We left our Hotel in plenty of time, giving us about 20mins to walk to the docks and another 15mins extra for early arrival. Luckily we did, as the queue to board the ship was long. In fact there were 2 queues, one for pre-booked tickets and another  queue for on-the-day ticket purchases. We didn’t know you could buy tickets for the boats tour on the day, but in hindsight are glad we didn’t take this chance, as the queue was longer and the chance of the boat being full by the time you get to the front of the queue is quite daunting.

Anyways, we boarded the boat and went two floors up to the very top. From here we had a great view and at the beginning of the boats tour the weather was quite nice too – a bit nippy but sunny. We left the port at noon and headed towards the Island Vaxholm (insert map scan). As soon as we left the port we got a stunning view of the cityscape of Stockholm, which were even more improved by the sun being out that day and shining over the city. Unfortunately we couldn’t quite hear what the guide was telling us, so the beginning of the cruise is a bit of a haze in terms of history. We did go past the official entry point of  Stockholm – the p0int where you officially enter and leave the city.

The cruise got a bit boring after a while. not because the scenery wasnt great, au contraire, it was absolutely stunning and beautiful but it did seem like the same over and over again. It did not help that we couldnt hear the tour guide, so missed out on some historical information that might have made the cruise more interesting.

It also got cold; very cold and we soon ventured downstairs, inside the cruise boat to warm up. I fear, at this time I had  already caught the cold and was feeling pretty shit. With no empty seats, we were left to stand for the rest of the journey (about an hour) – pacing from one side to another. Alas, we finally got back to Stockholm docked and disembarked the boat. I was glad to be off the boat again and once again the hunt for a cup of coffee began.

The one thing that we did hear the tour guide on the boats tour mention and actually found interesting was the history of the warship ‘Vasa’, whereupon a visit to the Vasa Museum was on our agenda for the next day.

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