Venice flooded – 4th Time in a Decade

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There is nothing new or extraordinary about water in the streets of Venice – well just as long as it flows in the channels and doesn’t flood the streets and squares. Venice has been fighting high water for years, because of the rising sea level and the subsidence of the sandy grounds, threatening the city to sink into the sea. A barrier to protect the city from repeated winter flooding, which has been planned for decades, is due to be finished by 2015.

venice is flooded

St. Mark’s Square floods

On Sunday (11.11.12) almost 70% of the popular lagoon city was under water after torrential downpours swept northern Italy. The water levels reached a height of 150 centimetres in Venice and threatened to increase further throughout the day, authorities reported. Flooding alarm is raised from 110 centimetres!!

With almost a third of the city underwater, tourists have been able to swim in the famous St Markus Square. Around 200 people have also had to be evacuated from their houses, as shops, homes and historic buildings filled with water.

This is the fifth highest level, since recording began in 1872. It was the fourth time since 2000 Venice had been hit by record high water.

Continued heavy rains and floods have led to other parts of Northern Italy to flood and cause landslides. In Tuscany, 200 people were forced to get to safety. Within four hours there were 230 millimetres of precipitation. There were evacuations in the also severely affected Liguria. In fact, in many parts of the country swelling rivers threatened to burst the banks.

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