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staatsoper - State Operahouse, Vienna

Nestled in the hills, woods and fields, with the beautiful blue Danube flowing through it, lies the imperial city where once the Habsburg Emperors reigned. The castles and palaces of that period, like the imperial summer palace Schöbrunn, the Hofburg Palace or the Belvedere, have shaped the cityscape of Vienna as we see it today.
vienna ©luca sartoni (flickr)
Vienna is both really: retrogression and modernity joined to make an interesting mix. The top-class cultural offers is only one facet of Vienna, then there is also a lively Pub- and clubbing scene. The Danube Island is delightful, a true paradise for the youth and leisure-seeking people. Anyone interested in museums and the arts will find their treasures in Vienna. For the architecturally interested, the city center presents itself almost like an open air museum.

Oh, and then there is the music! W.A. Mozart, the Vienna Boys’ Choir, the waltz king that is Johann Strauss, a number of operas, operettas and musicals, add to that a thriving rock and DJ scene: They all help to make Vienna not just the capital of Austria, but also the capital of music – especially during the ball season. After all, there are over 300 balls in January and February that invite to brisk pirouettes in three-quarter time on the parquet.

The highlight of the season, however is the world famous Opera Ball, which transforms the state opera into the  Society hotspot of Vienna. But unless you are willing to spend several hundred Euros and book well in advance you will not stand a chance in getting tickets!

staatsoper - State Operahouse, Vienna

Staatsoper, Vienna ©infraredhorsebite (flickr)

Vienna is also known as the city of culture and as such possesses a lively and vast array of cultural attractions. No matter when you come and what you’re looking for, I can guarantee you will find something exciting to discover. There are over 100 Museums to visit in Vienna and you will find one of the 10 most extensive cultural districts in the world – the Museums Quartier (museum district). From here, it is only a stone’s throw to the Albertina, the museum with the world’s largest graphic collection.

Or if your tastes are not quite so culturally refined then discover the culinary variety of Vienna. Visit one of Vienna’s famous coffee houses which not only provide for great physical well-being, but also provide food for the mind and soul. Or visit traditional wine taverns (“Heurige”) and work your way through famous culinary specialities, like the Wiener Schnitzel!

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