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Weekend Trip to Hamburg

Weekend Trip to Hamburg

radisson blu hamburg outside

Radisson Blu Hamburg

Our trip to Hamburg was really good. We had the opportunity to stay at the Radisson Blu Hamburg and for someone who usually only ever stays in 3* Hotels, this was by any means an awesome experience

From the Central Station South (Hauptbahnhof Süd) we travelled one stop to Dammtor. As soon as you leave the station you will see the Radisson Blu Hamburg. It is the highest building in the city. From the outside it doesnt look very impressive, just another tall building – but teh weather did not help the situation either.

As soon as we entered the Hotel wie were greeted by friendly staff and checking in was really easy and fast. All I needed to do was say my name and within 2 minutes I was checked in. I was hoping for a room on a higher floor and guess what? We got room 2224 on 22. floor.

The Room

strawberry cupcake at Radisson Blu Hamburg

cupcake @Radisson Blu Hamburg

Our first impression of the room “Urban” was a simple wow and could only be topped by the view out the window, which overlooked the park “Planten un Blomen”. A nice touch was the Strawberry Cupcake as a welcome along with 2 oranges. It took a minute to devour the cupcake.

The facilities in the room weren’t anything special, but they were to high spec: a flatscreen TV on top of a cupboard that housed the mini-bar and a kettle with two cups and sufficient teebags.

The bed was very comfortable and soft and with 6 pillows very cozy. At the entrance you’ll find the obligatory closet and opposit the closet is the bathroom.

Room "urban" Radisson Blu Hamburg

Room "urban" Radisson Blu Hamburg

Probably the most unusual feature of the room was the window from the bathroom to the main room. The bathroom was of high quality and very clean. The little toiletries usually provide by hotels were branded products in Radisson Blu Hamburg – “Anne Semonin” products that smell of lemongrass.

Health and Sport & Botanical Spa


Health & Spa

The Health and Spa are is situated on the 2. floor. As soon as the lift doors open the scents and smells will enrapture you. Through the entrance doors you will pass the small but sufficiantly equipped fitness are. At the “Health&fitness” reception a friendly woman greeted us. She showed us around and took us to the treatment rooms, where I would later have my massage. Through the changing rooms you get to the wet and relaxation are. Here you will find a huge sauna and a decent sized steam room along with two showers and little pools to soak your feet. Behind the showers, in a separate room is the relations area that is equipped with deck chairs and a water cooler as well as a balcony in the outside area.

I was lucky enough to receive a massage from the “business treatment” catagory. Business or not, everybody should try this 25mins long massage for deep relaxation. The oils and scents that the masseuse used smelt absolutely devine and helped relax even more. The masseuse was very professional, friendly and made sure I was comfortable through out the treatment.

Wet area @Radisson Blu Hamburg

Wet area @Radisson Blu Hamburg

Filini Bar & Restaurant

filini restaurant inside

Filini Restaurant

We were positively surprise when we were told, that our stay also included a dinner in the Filini Restaurant. The Filini Restaurant is situated next the reception at the back of the lobby and is very bright and clean.

We reserved a table for 5:30pm, despite being told it wouldn’t be very busy at this time. We then went into the city that was only about 15min walk from Radisson Blu for a few hours and work up an appetite. Back in the hotel we went to Filini Restaurant for our prebooked dinner.

We were seated almost immediately and were brought the menu almost instantly. We ordered our drinks – a Mango-Passionfruit-juice – which is very much recommended! At first glance the foods on the menu seemed overpriced and as with many expensive restaurants I

starter at filini restaurant

starter @Filini Restaurant

did not expect a lot for the money. But, as we were not paying for our food we just had to see what came. As a starter I ordered Vitello Tonno (veal carpaccio with tuna paste) and Jon ordered a Shrimp salad. While we were waiting for our starters to arrive our very charming waitress, Miss Petrich, brought us a selection of bread and mixed us olive oil with balsamic vinegar to dip in. Stunning!

We did not have to wait long for our starter to arrive and despite assuming small portions we actually got a decent amount of food. In fact, the starter itself was so filling that I could have finished the meal there and then! A small detail I noticed was the fact that we were served our food from the right side. The correct way!

I’m glad I didnt finish my meal after the starter, because Miss Petrich served us a glass of blood orange sherbert and fruit perls that


Prosecco with blood oranges sherbert and fruitperls

then was filled up with Prosecco. It tasted divine – fruity and refreshing. I practically had a taste orgasm!

The main course took a while to come and so I was forced to postpone my massage appointment by 30mins, which wasn’t a problem as there was another appointment. Our meals came, I had cod with a bean puree and Jon had a Ribeye steak. Both meals were amazing in presentation and taste and would recommend them. Although at this point both of us were stuffed, Miss Petrich, convinced us to order some dessert and as I absolutely loved the sherbert I ordered one scoop each of blood orange, passionfruit and cassis sherbert, whereas Jon just had three scoopes of pear sherbert.

To digest the amounts of food we just ate, we decided to take a walk around the “Planten un Blomen” park, which is located right outside the hotel. Planten un Blomen is a beautiful garden with lots of small bridges and a botanical garden at its center. Entrance to the botanical garden is free and definitely something that should be on your sightseeing list.

botanical garten, Planten un Blomen

botanical garten, Planten un Blomen

Back in the hotel we sat at the Filini Bar for a nightcap. Again the bar staff was very friendly and we met the waiter that is featured in one of the videos for Radisson Blu Hamburg Youtube Channel.

aperol spritzer @Felini Bar

Aperol spritzer @Felini Bar

Coffee @Filini Bar

Coffee @Filini Bar

On our departure day we treated us to a coffee again at the Filini Bar and despite coming from a machine was extra ordinarily tasty.

The Radisson Blu Hamburg caters mainly to business people as the congress center Hamburg is directly attached to the hotel. Both buildings share a big underground parking lot and with a park at your doorstep makes for a perfect business trip. But even if your not travelling on business the Radisson Blu Hamburg offers the perfect location to quickly get into the city and at the end of they day you can come back to friendly personnel, tasty food and a very comfortable bed.

Yes, the Radisson Blu is an expensive hotel, but it is a 4* hotel after all. You get what you pay for but at Radisson Blu you get a lot more.

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